Back-to-School Makeup Looks That Will Make Your First Week a Breeze

July 26th, 2018 at 11:00am
Back to School No Makeup Makeup Look

TBH, the only thing I enjoy about first-week-of-school prep is planning my daily looks—I’d just rather think about my outfit than read a stack of syllabi. This semester, I’m focusing on more than just my first day #OOTD—I’m planning the week’s looks from head-to-toe. From envious glowing skin to shiny teal eyeshadow, I’m so obsessed with our Community Members’ beauty looks that I’m using them as inspiration this back to school season. Keep reading for a first week’s worth of school makeup looks that will get you from your Monday 8 a.m. to a Saturday tailgate and to every little club meeting in between.

PHOTO: Madelyn Rosario, Montclair State University

Monday: Go With Neutrals and Gloss

Ah, Mondays. Most weeks I can barely pry myself out of bed when my morning alarm sounds but on the first day of school I’m up and at ‘em. If you find yourself in the same situation and have some time on your hands come that first Monday this is the perfect look. Bold brows, a barely-there contour, super-subtle smokey eyes, and extra glossy lips don’t look too extra for the first day but this look is still a total slay.

PHOTO: Emma Hayden, Northern Arizona University

Tuesday: Wing it Out

When in doubt wing it out, amirite? A little flick of liner can work wonders before heading to the dining hall to grab lunch with your squad. Finish it off with a swipe of your favorite nude lipstick and you’ll be ready for the endless list of club meetings you signed yourself up for during orientation.

PHOTO: Emily Bacal, College of William and Mary

Wednesday: Keep it Simple—Minus the Lipstick

We’re all a little guilty of snoozing the alarm by Wednesday (at least I know I am). On days when you only have a few precious moments to get to class, simple is always the best bet. Even if you only have time for your skin care routine, grab a tube of your favorite brightly colored lipstick as you make your way out the door and none of your classmates will know you almost overslept your early morning Biology lecture.

PHOTO: Briana Wilvert, University of Washington

Thursday: Add an Unexpected Pop of Color

Who knew colored eyeshadow would make a comeback? Pop an unexpected color (like this shimmery teal shadow) on your lids for a look that you can surprisingly wear all day. From a study date in the library to an actual date at the cutest restaurants on campus, this bold look will do double-duty.

PHOTO: Kate Terentieva, College Fashionista Alum

Friday: Color Coordinate Your Lips and Lids

TGIF! The last school day of your first week is a cause for celebration—it’s a red lipstick occasion if you ask me. Take your red lippie up a notch by going for a monochromatic moment on your eyes. Pro tip: if you can’t find an eyeshadow that matches the shade of your lipstick flip through your blush collection—you may just find a perfect match.

PHOTO: Audrey Boedeker, Indiana University Bloomington

Saturday: Try Some School-Spirited Eyeshadow

Why limit your school spirit to just your outfit on the first game of the season? Show up to tailgate season with eyeshadow color-blocked in your college’s shades and all eyes will be on you instead of the football field.

PHOTO: Isabelle Hahn, Northeastern University

Sunday: Get Your Glow On

Sundays are for brunching with your squad, study sessions, and most importantly, self-care. For me, I’m all about minimal makeup and a whole lot of skincare as the weekend comes to a glow. Forgo your favorite foundation for a lineup of serums, facial sprays, and moisturizers and you’ll be still be glowing by week two.

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Opening image by Briana Wilvert.


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