AROUND TOWN: UWFW Finale Fashion Show Re-cap

UW Fashion Week 2015 has come and gone, but it certainly went out with a bang at Friday’s Finale Fashion Show. This evening of glamour and fashion began with a designer meet and greet where the designers and boutiques whose garments were in the fashion show could chat with the attendees and share their portfolios. Attendees also had the opportunity to pose along the MODA step and repeat to get their photo taken by Style Gurus from the University of Wisconsin. The show itself was filled with looks from Madison boutiques, local designers and designers from the university’s apparel design program. My favorite pieces were the gowns with feathers, lace and chiffon that looked like they had just walked off of a couture runway in Paris. I often prefer a more neutral color palette, so the black, white and red gowns from student designers Eleanor Fink, Caitlin Wagner and Madalyn Manzeck really wowed me. However, my favorite look was a dress by Sarah Nasgowitz made almost entirely of black and white zip ties. This best dressed attendee also had a blast at the event and had a lot to say about this year’s fabulous fashion show.

Name: Allie Jeka

Role: UW Fashion Week Finale Fashion Show Attendee

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell us more about what you wore to the show and what inspired your outfit choice.

Allie Jeka: I wore a cream and gold dress with jewels around the neck that I bought at Urban Outfitters last year. I chose it for the show because I love the jewels, and it’s fancier than what I can usually wear every day.

CF: What was your favorite part of this year’s UW Fashion Week Finale Fashion Show?

AJ: My favorite part of the fashion show this year was the dress that changed from a black dress to a completely different white dress! That was amazing!

CF: Was there one designer’s collection that really stood out to you as your favorite?

AJ: Aside from that dress, I really liked the MODA Muneca collection with all of the bright, electric blue fabrics and fun cutouts.

CF: How would you describe your evening at the UW Fashion Week Finale Fashion Show?

AJ: My evening was wonderful! I had a great time socializing with all of my friends from Moda and talking to some designers while they showed me their portfolios. It was great being able to enjoy and celebrate everyon​e’s work. Also, the DJ was really energetic and definitely added to the show.

Learn More: If you’re interested in viewing more pictures from the fashion show, visit the Moda Magazine Facebook page.