AROUND TOWN: Trendsetters At The U

AROUND TOWN: Trendsetters At The U

If you are a Fashionista at the University of Montana, joining Trendsetters at the U is a must. As the first fashion blog for the University of Montana, Trendsetters is a club that provides a great outlet for college students with a passion for fashion, allowing them to express their personal style while gaining experience with blogging, styling, photography and journalism. I interviewed Rebecca Mulhill, president of Trendsetters to discuss Trendsetters at the U and what makes it so different from other clubs on campus.

Name: Rebecca Mulhill

Role: President of Trendsetters at the U

College Fashionista: What is Trendsetters at the U? What do the Trendsetters do?

Rebecca Mulhill: Trendsetters at the U is the fashion blog for the University of Montana. We show off the different fashion trends across campus by showcasing members’ personal styles based around a certain theme as well as provide style inspiration for other students. The duties of a member are consistently coming to meetings and photo shoots while actively participating as well as composing a short write up, explaining their outfit choice for the blog posts.

CF: What made you want to become involved in Trendsetters at the U?

RM: Trendsetters gives me a fashionable outlet that I can’t find in any other club on campus. It also has allowed me to hone my styling skills for others and myself as well as get experience using the online platforms we share our posts on (WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).

CF: What is the goal for Trendsetters at the U?

RM: The overall goal for Trendsetters is to provide a fashion blog to the University that shows off the styles of students both on campus and around Missoula, MT. We also aim to showcase the styles of people who aren’t in our group. In addition, we want our members to be learning something outside of just fashion as they participate. For example, Trendsetters has helped me learn leadership and organizational skills I may not have learned elsewhere.

CF: What makes Trendsetters so unique? Why should people join?

RM: In general, there is not a lot related to fashion happening in Montana, and Trendsetters is the first group like it to come to our campus. We are open to everyone, and people should join if they have any interest in fashion. We also can pretty much find a position for someone no matter what their main interest is whether it is business, photography, journalism, creative writing, etc. We have a lot of fun doing photo shoots and also get to explore places in Missoula many students may not make it to otherwise. We get invited to some pretty cool events throughout Missoula like fashion shows and shopping parties.

Learn More: You can learn more about Trendsetters at the U by checking out, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @trendsettersattheu.