AROUND TOWN: The Green Expectation Project

AROUND TOWN: The Green Expectation Project

The Green Expectation Project is an eco-friendly fashion event taking place at Carleton University. Organized by members of Alpha Omicron Pi (Gamma Chi chapter) and Phi Sigma Sigma (Zeta Eta chapter), the event will feature guest speakers that will inform attendees of how they can make a difference on their campus as well as students modelling eco-friendly fashion designs in a fashion show. All proceeds for the event will benefit the World Wildlife Fund. I caught up with one of the event’s organizers to find out more about why she believes the cause is important and how the event is engaging students on campus through fashion.

Name: Idil Cipriano
Role: Event Organizer

CollegeFashionista: The purpose of the event is to raise sustainability and environmental awareness on Carleton’s campus. Do you think students understand how human activity is affecting the Earth?

Idil Cipriano: I believe that students do understand how human activity is affecting the Earth. We are destroying the planet for future generations and if we continue on the path that we are on, they will not be able to experience the beauty that we take for granted. As students, we are the future and we should be taking a stand to protect what we have by doing all that we can to be environmentally friendly.

CF: What are your expectations for the outfits that will be modeled in the fashion show?

IC: I’m looking forward to seeing students’ creative sides come out and see what they view as being eco-friendly fashion. It’s going to be a great time for a great cause.

CF: Do you think the fashion industry as a whole should be doing more to support sustainability?

IC: Not only the fashion industry but all of us should be doing more. It would be great if designers put out eco-friendly looks on the runway, which could develop into trends that most consumers might support. We should all be wearing environmentally sustainable clothing.

CF: What more can students on campus do to help with this important cause?

IC: There are many things that students can do to help with this important cause. It’s the little things that count; start printing your term papers on recycled paper, use a reusable travel mug for your morning coffee, use reusable bags when grocery shopping or start composting. We all just need to learn how to do the right thing when it comes to our planet.

Learn More: Proceeds from The Green Expectation Project will be donated to the World Wildlife fund; you too can do so by visiting their website. To learn more about eco-friendly fashion brands, or to see if your favorite brands made the list, visit Eco Fashion World.