AROUND TOWN: Shonna Bairos

The business side of the fashion industry is often overlooked with so many beautiful runway designs and pretty colors. However, this Fashionista knew that she wanted to study marketing before she discovered her passion for fashion.

Name: Shonna Bairos

Role: Student Fashion Marketer

CollegeFashionista: Who or what motivated you to study fashion marketing?

Shonna Bairos: Once I got into college, I became interested in fashion and discovered it was something I was extremely passionate about. At the same time, I’ve always wanted to be involved in the marketing side of business. Therefore, they just seemed to fit together, and so far, I’ve loved it. I have an internship in June at America’s Mart in Atlanta, Georgia where I will be a production’s assistant for the fashion shows. I am beyond excited.

CF: What are some important things you’ve learned in your classes?

SB: First, ”Nothing happens until something is sold!” is a quote from one of my professors that has truly stayed with me. Marketing is essential for the fashion business as a whole. Not only that, but being involved in the marketing club has made me realize that dedication and persistence are two important factors when it comes to marketing.

CF: What do you enjoy most about fashion marketing?

SB: I think the thing I enjoy the most is just how expressive it is. Fashion is a way in which we market ourselves everyday through versatility, uniqueness and freedom to express oneself. Fashion is something that is constantly changing, and I love seeing different looks and ideas. It is really inspiring.

CF: What are you looking forward to as a fashion marketer?

SB: I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing others’ perspectives. I think everyone has their own unique style and being able to see and feel others’ ideas excites me. I love working with other people and bouncing ideas off each other. Fashion marketing is really something that can go as far as you want to take it, and I have all intentions to make this my lifelong career.

Learn More: Shonna will be graduating in May to move to Atlanta, where she will intern and work her way to the top of the fashion industry! Be sure to look for her work in the future.