AROUND TOWN: Roots Boutique

A popular place in Waco that is on every Baylor girl’s radar is a little boutique called Roots. At Roots, you can find anything from your favorite Free People T-shirt to the best green and gold game day apparel. Many students at Baylor have become employees at Roots over the years and continue to do a great job representing the store’s image on campus.

Name: Brooke Slechta
Role: Sales Associate, Roots Boutique

CollegeFashionista: What do you love most about working at Roots?

Brooke Slechta: I love the community of girls that I work with and being able to have the experience to work at a place that is small enough to see all the different areas of a business.  

CF: Describe a typical day at work.

BS: I open the store on the days that I work, so we turn on all the lights, play the music, straighten up the store and make sure everything looks good for opening. I usually ring up customers, restock the floor, clean out dressing rooms and organize the tables with little gift items. Days are never the same and there is always a new task each day, which keeps it fun and makes me look forward to going to work each day.

CF: What are some trends you are looking forward to this spring season?

BS: I have noticed many new tops and dresses that have come into Roots for the spring that have embroidery on top and have a playful look to it. I am excited for these pieces and have noticed that many customers like this style.  

CF: Could you explain the story behind the Akola Project and how Roots has partnered with them?

BS: The Akola Project was created to help lift women in Uganda out of poverty. The owner of Roots, Barby Williams, loved the story and what the organization stands for, so she loved the idea of incorporating it into the store.

CF: Being a design major, do you plan on starting your own line or are you interested in opening a store like Roots one day?

BS: I’m still not exactly sure what I would like to do in the future. I would love to work for a big company and be on their design team at the beginning of my career, and then eventually own a small store such as Roots. Barby is such an inspiring woman and what she has created is so great that I would love to try to follow in her footsteps.

CF: What is your go to work outfit?

BS: On most days I wear jeans, booties, a sweater and then accessorize it with an Akola Project necklace or a scarf. I love to be comfortable, but yet still stylish while working.

Learn More: Stay up to date with the newest items at Roots by following them on Instagram @rootsboutique!