AROUND TOWN: Michaela Wiehe

There has most likely been a time in most people’s lives when they wished they could sew clothes that fit them just right or were in the exact preferred style. Department stores just don’t cut it after a while for many women, and this aspiring fashion writer and designer knows all too well of the shortcomings of such stores. Her goal is to make a vintage that fits her body and boosts her confidence.

Name: Michaela Wiehe
Role: Aspiring Fashion Writer and Designer

CollegeFashionista: What sparked your interest in design?

Michaela Wiehe: It’s really hard for me to find clothes that are my style, fit me and are modest. So I tend toward the more vintage style because I think it’s classy, pretty and awesome. In the re-imagined style nowadays, there tends to be shorter skirts and sleeveless dresses. If I want to find a pretty dress, it’s either going to cost a lot of money, or I have to make it.

CF: Who and what are your fashion inspirations?

MW: I suppose you can combine Jane Austen, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn. I love the Regency era combined with the styles from the 1920s to the 1950s.

CF: As an English major, how have you combined fashion with writing?

MW: To be honest, I’m not certain about my career when I graduate. Journalism does interest me. I also like the fashionable and artistic element of writing found in fashion writing. Becoming an author is another option and knowing the ins and outs of clothing construction for my novels is imperative, since I write about women from generations ago—such as medieval women. Those ladies didn’t really have the opportunity to go down to the local Maurices!

CF: What are you looking forward to most once you become proficient in sewing?

MW: Being able to wear clothing that I’m comfortable in and that I think is really pretty. I want to express more of the ladylike side of me. I also look forward to the confidence boost. It’s one thing to wear clothing you think you look okay in, it’s another to wear clothing you think you look okay in and you made! Since I struggle with confidence, that’s going to be wonderful.

Learn More: Keep an eye out for Michaela this spring at UMKC as she sports her wonderful vintage finds on campus. Check to see if she’s wearing some of her own creations in the coming years. They could be inspirational!