AROUND TOWN: Kiss & Tell

Have you ever been upset because that pair of shoes you loved just didn’t come in your size? Well, that’s what happened to Michelle Soo, but instead of dwelling on a constant problem she faced (her feet are a tiny US size five and a half!), she took matters into her own hands. At 18, Michelle started her own online-based independent fashion label, Kiss & Tell, and has since sprouted a loyal fan base of shoe lovers and fashion fanatics alike. When I was back in Malaysia during winter break, I met up with Michelle who spoke on all things Kiss & Tell, her latest collection’s must-have items and her hopes for this local fashion label.

Name: Michelle Soo

Role: Owner & Founder, Kiss & Tell

College Fashionista: When did you start Kiss & Tell and what inspired you to do so?

Michelle Soo: I started Kiss & Tell back in 2008 as a hobby when I was still in college, but I put it on hold because I went to Australia to further my studies. After graduating, I thought why not go back to Malaysia and do Kiss & Tell full-time? Then, I decided to manufacture my own shoes. This was mainly inspired by my own difficulties of finding shoes in US size five and a half and I wanted to help others who faced similar issues.

CF: What do you think makes Kiss & Tell shoes and apparel different from other brands?

MS: We have a team that designs the shoes, sources the fabrics and, of course, we manufacture our own shoes. Mostly, I think our selling point is that everything you see on our website is exclusive and can’t be found elsewhere.

CF: Based on the latest collection, what’s one must-have shoe and one must-have apparel?

MS: The must-have shoes are definitely the Ashleigh Pumps. We’ve received feedback that it’s one of the most comfortable heels, despite it’s four and a half inches. Recently, we even had a pregnant customer who said she wore it all day! As for the must-have apparel, I would pick our soon-to-be launched Kerri Dress.

CF: What’s the best part of owning your own fashion label?

MS: The best part is definitely the recognition you get for all the work you’ve put in. For me, being an entrepreneur isn’t about earning money; it’s about helping people, like petites like me who have a hard time finding clothes or shoes.

CF: Where do you hope to see Kiss & Tell in the future?

MS: Everywhere! For the next few years, we’re going to expand more offline locally. In the next five years, we really want Kiss & Tell to be international but we’ll probably focus on neighbouring countries first.

Learn More: If you love the dresses and heels worn by Michelle (they’re all Kiss & Tell!), be sure to check out the website for even more fashionable finds. As of now, Kiss & Tell has a 14 dollar flat shipping rate to the United States.