AROUND TOWN: Kent State Fashion School Store

Since the recent remodeling of downtown Kent, one can no longer say that they’re bored and have nowhere to go. There’s so much that you can do downtown that doesn’t even require spending money! Kent is home to the Kent State Fashion Museum, as well as a few art galleries. The manager and student workers of the Kent State Fashion School Store were more than willing to talk to me about how the boutique differs from others downtown, in the aspect that it’s not only a shopping experience, but a showcase for the works of many of Kent’s talented fashion students!

Names: Karey Christie, Alex Logsdon, Enya Hennings

Roles: Store Manager, Store Associate, Store Associate

CollegeFashionista: How do you describe the store’s style and aesthetic?

Karey Christie: It’s pretty eclectic. Everything here is very unique because it’s one or two of a kind. It pushes creativity and innovation.

Alex Logsdon: It’s just very creative and innovative because it’s all student ideas, student made.

Enya Hennings: It appeals to a double demographic: students come in as well as make and it also appeals to alumni of the school and family members. It’s such a wide demographic.

CF: How do you feel the Fashion School Store has contributed to the city of Kent?

KC: I think we’re trying to get people to see what the Kent Fashion School is all about. We’ll get random people off the street wanting to know what the Fashion School is all about and what the students are doing. 

EH: At least in the fashion school perspective, I think it’s provided a second layer of hands on experience for the students and a way for students to share their work. This store has just added to the school overall.

CF: What inspired you to open the Fashion School Store?

KC: It began as the idea of Nancy Stanforth (a professor at the Fashion School) and (current) director J.R. Campbell. They worked together to open the store about three years ago now, as a showcase.

AL: The whole concept of the store wasn’t ever to be a business, but more of a showcase and learning lab focused on student involvement. Students learn what it takes to get their product to retail and are involved in the entire process of the store: creating visual impact, building displays, color selections and all those aspects. 

CF: What are some of your favorite pieces currently in store?

KC: My favorite piece is this denim jacket with fringe along the collar.

AL: Mine is the Chanel inspired jacket.

EH: I really like this neoprene jacket. I’m obsessed with it; it’s similar to a bowler style coat and I love it!

Learn More: If you’re interested in seeing what your fellow Kent State students are up to, come check out the student designs at the Fashion School Store. A purchase here is a win for everyone! Be sure to like their Facebook for updates on store hours, pop-up shops, contact information and more.