AROUND TOWN: Kelsie Darin

AROUND TOWN: Kelsie Darin

Many college students find the need to take up a part-time job during the school year. Any bit of income is helpful when it comes to offsetting the costs of buying new clothes—I mean, textbooks and school supplies—every semester. Part-time jobs are not always glamorous, but Michigan State student Kelsie Darin took the initiative to earn a position with jewelry company Chloe + Isabel. She has launched a successful business as a c+i merchandiser and is here to share some words with CollegeFashionista.

Name: Kelsie Darin

Role: Campus Merchandiser Manager; Chloe + Isabel

CollegeFashionista: What does your job as a Campus Merchandiser Manager entail?

Kelsie Darin: My job as a Campus Merchandiser Manager is to promote the c+i brand and work with the other merchandisers at Michigan State University. I host in person pop up shops for all events, including philanthropies and sorority functions. I also promote via social media and my online boutique, which features all of our jewelry.

CF: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far with Chloe & Isabel?

KD: My greatest achievement as a c+i merchandiser was hitting the company’s highest milestone, selling $30,000 worth of jewelry! I just recently hit this milestone in January, and I was the first of my program to do so! 

CF: What is your favorite c+i piece right now?

KD: My favorite c+i piece is the bead + chain multi-wrap bracelet. It comes in multiple colors, but my favorite is turquoise. This bracelet is great for the spring and summer and can even be worn as a necklace!

CF: Do you have any jewelry styling tips for all of the Fashionistas out there?

KD: When shopping with c+i, you are either a ‘Chloe’, or an ‘Isabel’. A ‘Chloe’ loves the statement makers and the bold pieces. An ‘Isabel’ loves the simple, timeless pieces. I am a ‘Chloe’. I love to wear huge necklaces, earrings and line my wrists with bracelets. One of the best ways to get a stacked bracelet look is the “bead + chain multi-wrap” I mentioned. The many layers and different beads give the impression that you are wearing multiple bracelets even though you are only wearing one!

Learn More: You can shop Kelsie’s online boutique online. Check out the Chloe + Isabel main website if you are interested in becoming a merchandiser.