Fashion icon, inspiration and creator of all things beautiful is photographer Kate Ursu. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kate and seeing the essence captured in her work. The way her style is reflected behind the lens is too stunning not to showcase! Not to mention her flawless style in front of the lens wearing a black and white dress, gorgeous coat and pointed-toe booties.

Name: Kate Ursu

Role: Photographer

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to get into photography?

Kate Ursu: I took a black and white film class in high school and kept at it ever since.

CF: What is your favorite style or aesthetic to shoot?

KU: I love shooting portraiture. When you can convey a little bit of a story, or a mood or a piece of who that person is in the photograph, it’s really special.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

KU: It changes depending on whatever looks I’m inspired by at a given time. Right now, I am loving Taylor Swift’s style – so I’m trying to channel that.

CF: Would you say your personal style is reflected through your photography?

KU: Yeah, definitely! Just like my personal style, I draw inspiration from different looks and techniques I see from different artists. 

CF: What advice would you give to anyone starting photography?

KU: Take as many pictures as you can and don’t be afraid to do things differently. Above all, take pictures that mean something to you.

Learn More: Kate is a junior at DePaul University studying Advertising and freelances photoshoots in her free time. Check out Kate Ursu’s website to see some of her beautiful work!