This fashionable student is taking over the Ann Arbor fashion scene. As an up-and-coming blogger and President of NOiR, a fashion club on campus, Karen Doh has been showing off her style for quite some time. Her ambitious passion for fashion marketing and business come together in her latest style venture, Thatsdohpe. Besides her love for fashion, this sweetheart Fashionista enjoys drawing, traveling and fitness.

Name: Karen Doh

Role: Fashion blogger, Thatsdohpe

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your blog. What’s the vibe you are trying to project?

Karen Doh: Every time I drop a new shoot, I am always focused on trying to bring out the unexpected—that could mean I’ll bring out a different hair style, makeup style, outfit or occasion for the outfit. I think new and different every time is fun; it’s a challenge to me and it keeps the viewers excited for what’s coming next. I also like wearing things that most people wouldn’t normally see me wear on the regular day-to-day basis; it’s almost like taking on different personalities and acting. The blog is a place for me to have fun, be me but also whoever I want to be. Fashion is all about experimenting, and I believe the real Fashionistas are those who can wear and appreciate a range of styles and feel inspired or inspire others through these styles.

CF: What is a style rule you try to live by?

KD: I would say, if it’s weird, outrageous or really bold to wear a certain piece of clothing, wear it! Even if it’s a simple jeans and white T-shirt or an avant-garde piece, be bold. If you can make an outfit look quality and turn heads, then you’re doing it right! 

CF: What’s your favorite designer right now and why?

KD: I’m a luxury leather goods lover. I am a huge fan of the Céline handbags, mainly for the quality, shape and modern simplistic feel to each item!

CF: What are some new things we can see you in or that you are working on?

KD: Right now, I am working on revamping my entire website into something I can fully create from start to finish on my own! I emphasize branding and being able to represent myself as Thatsdohpe, so my next step is to have that personal touch of aesthetics on the website. As for my blog, I hope to continue working with different fashion styles, boutiques/sponsors, collaborative partners and continue expressing and challenging myself in different, fun forms of fashion, writing and modeling!

Learn More: Check out Karen’s blog at! You can also see her in NOiR’s spring runway show on April 18, 2015 in the Crisler Center.