I think that we can all agree that small boutiques always have the coolest pieces. One can always find something great in a boutique that you just won’t find in larger chain clothing stores. So when I heard that a little boutique by the name of Juniper was opening up just down the street from my house in Muncie, I had to check it out. I was in love at first sight! Juniper had so many fun clothes and the shop was covered in unique prints, and I was genuinely upset that I purposely left my wallet at home. I was able to speak with the manager, Kayla Anderson to learn more about the new shop, where I would probably be spending most of my money.

Name: Kayla Anderson
Role: Store Manager

CollegeFashionista: What makes Juniper so unique?

Kayla Anderson: I like that it is a stable independent business where I know who my employer is. Juniper is also a place where women of all ages can come in to shop and find something perfect.

CF: What are some popular pieces sold here?

KA: We sell a ton of jewelry but as for clothes, it really just depends on the day.

CF: What are your favorite items in the store?

KA: I really love the dresses here, and I’ve never been much of a tunic girl, but the tunics here are really great.

CF: What do you think the overall vibe of Juniper is?

KA: I like to think that the vibe in Juniper is elegant and youthful. It’s a store where you can find fun day to night pieces that you will love!

Learn More: The Ball State Juniper location is actually the 3rd store to open! There is another location in the Purdue area and there’s the original location in Oxford, Ohio.