AROUND TOWN: Jenna Salomon

For some people, fashion is not just something that happens in far away places like Paris or Milan. Fashion is a way to express yourself and to be true to who you are. In terms of a career, fashion is an amazing way to mix fun with work, and this freshman Fashionista is doing exactly that in Syracuse. Jenna’s blog, Just Style, is an eclectic mix of all things fashion. From features like Céline’s new ad campaign, to style advice of her own, Just Style is a great way to be engaged with the fashion world with a Fashionista just like you.

Name: Jenna Salomon

Role: Owner/Creator of Just Style

College Fashionista: What inspired you to create your own blog?

Jenna Salomon: I’ve been writing since elementary school, and I’ve always loved fashion. I’ve always wanted to start my own blog but I didn’t know who would ever read it. Then I got to campus and started blogging for the style section of a women’s magazine. I loved it except somebody was always telling me what to write. There were times where I found a topic that I was really passionate about, but the magazine didn’t feel it would fit into that particular blog of the week. I wanted to find a way to choose my own topics. I was talking to my friends and they were like “well you’re never going to know who’s going to read your blog until you actually start blogging.” So I started it!

CF: What do you love about fashion?

JS: I love how it gives you the opportunity to express yourself. I love how everybody can take one shirt, and express themselves with that shirt in a million different ways, I feel that fashion is a way that just lets every single human being feel really confident.

 CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet right now? 

JS: I have this one sweater from LF that is very basic, but has lace trim on the bottom. I just think that’s cool because it’s a very basic piece as the lace really gives it a different vibe. I also love bandeaus. I feel like they can really change up a look, whether it’s a crisscross or a cool back. You can use it to make a shirt seem really different.

CF: What advice do you have for other girls who share your love of fashion?

JS: Be bold. Don’t always listen to what everyone else has to say, because if you do that you aren’t going to have your own style. You really have to take risks in order to really feel confident.

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