AROUND TOWN: Jamie Silverstein

Even though some Fashionista’s are not in the fashion industry this doesn’t mean they don’t have an eye for fashion. From the glimpse of this Fashionista you can tell she has a fun personal style, but I bet there are a few things you wouldn’t guess about her! Jamie is a senior in high school who spends her free time reading Vogue magazines and shopping! Keep reading for more information about Jamie, her personal style and her views on fashion!

Name: Jamie Silverstein

Role: Arriving student at SUNY Cortland

CollegeFashionista: Why do you like fashion?

Jamie Silverstein: I like fashion because it helps me express myself. Fashion helps me express my personality and mood. My fashion ties into my life with the activities that I partake in. I also really like country music and feel that country singers have such cute style! I personally love cowboy boots and floral patterns.

CF: How would you describe your style?

JS:I think it all depends on the day and weather. But, I personally love wearing American Eagle jeans because I feel they have the best fit for my body. I would also say that I like Hollister. As a kid, I always loved the beach, so Hollister reflects that beachy style for me. My style allows me to be cute and active at the same time.

CF: What are currently your favorite fashion trends?

JS: I think my favorite trend would have to be cute dresses that I either pair with boots or heels depending on the situation. I also love thigh highs I feel their super cute and could be worn with about anything.

CF: Who is your style inspiration?

JS: My style inspiration would have to be Vanessa Hudgens because I like how she can be edgy one day, but the next she can be very boho and minimalistic and I feel those are both the perfect mix. She is definitely a role model for a lot of young woman (style wise).

Learn More: Catch Jamie around campus, reading Vogue Magazines or listening to country music. Stay up to date on her life and style by following her personal Instagram.