When deciding on a career, we often want to choose one that is practical, but sometimes we lose sight of what we are actually passionate about in life. Fortunately, there may that one person that knocks sense into you and sees that you have the talent for said passion. Gina Lytz is a perfect example of a situation such as this, choosing to pursue a career in fashion design after years of design experience. I got to sit down and talk to her what made her choose this career route and what to expect in the future.

Name: Gina Lytz
Role: Fashion Design Student

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to go to school for fashion design?

Gina Lytz: I started sewing when I was seven and always pictured design being my dream. I wanted to go to school for meteorology, but my brother talked me out of it. He told me I should do something I had a passion for. I didn’t think fashion design would be practical, but he proved me wrong!

CF: What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve designed so far?

GL: I designed a coat that was 100 percent wool, which was a gorgeous material. It was red with dolman sleeves, a high collar and was calf link. I also designed a prom dress my sophomore year of high school. It was a dress from the 1960s and I wanted to make it modern, so I made it into a ball gown. I used pattern drafting which I didn’t have any experience with prior to that.

CF: Where do you get most of your inspiration to design?

GL: I tend to look to other designers for inspiration. I really love the minimalistic, durable yet classic look that Calvin Klein does. I find clothing that is practical and minimalistic to be my aesthetic.

CF: What can we expect in the future with your designs? Are you working on any runway shows?

GL: I’m teaming up with one of my best friends to design a collection for a fashion show campus is putting on called Rock The Runway. This year’s theme is 1990s and we have three different pieces. This will be my first completed collection I’ve ever done. I’m really excited to see how it comes together.

Learn More: Gina is currently finishing up her sophomore year at The Fashion School and plans to design more pieces outside of the classroom. Keep your eyes peeled for Gina’s work for Rock The Runway by following her on her personal Instagram.