AROUND TOWN: Finally Fashion

If you’ve ever been to Pullman, you’ll know that places to shop for cute clothes here are extremely limited.. nonexistent might be a better word for it. For the students of Washington State University online shopping has become a way of life. We’re forced to fill our virtual shopping carts with clothes that may or may not work out in person and anxiously await for the postman to deliver our goods. Hopefully all the clothes fit or it’s back to the post office we go to send it all back. Who has the time (or patience) for that?! Thankfully, the people of Finally Fashion have come to rid us of the hassle and what better location than right on Greek Row!

Finally Fashion does a great job of offering a variety of different styles that cater to a variety of different customers and look fabulous on any body type. Whichever occasion the day has in store for you, whether it’s your sorority formal or you simply just need to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans to go to class in, FF has what you’re looking for.

Name: Keri Hinkle

Role: Co-Owner, Buyer, Manager

CollegeFashionista: Finally Fashion just opened a few months ago. What inspired you to open the store?

Keri Hinkle: Well, Pullman doesn’t have very many options for trendy places to buy clothes and Spokane is an hour away so we wanted to give students an affordable, cute, and convenient place to shop.

CF: How would you describe the store’s style?

KH: I wanted to give customers a variety of different options, from the everyday casual look to going out and wearing dresses; I like to kind of think of it as a mini Nordstrom. I based my buying off of good quality, affordable prices, and the cute Seattle-style that our customers have been missing here in little ol’ Pullman!

CF: How would you describe the store’s ideal customer?

KH: We don’t really have an ideal customer. We try to have a range of different styles and occasions and hope to be the store for every kind of customer at any age!

CF: What item in the store is a necessity in every college student’s wardrobe?

KH: I would definitely say a pair of Mavi skinny jeans. These are the most comfortable pair of jeans and our customers have said that they feel like yoga pants!

Learn More:  Stay up to date on all of Finally Fashion’s latest styles and deals by visiting the store on 600 Colorado Street or by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!