AROUND TOWN: Couture & Cocktails RECAP

UW-Madison’s Fashion Week, hosted by student-run MODA Magazine, is always a major highlight of the spring semester. The kickoff event of the week featured couture, cocktails, glossy print copies of MODA Magazine’s most recent issue, a masquerade theme and of course—killer style. Held at the gorgeous Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, student designers showed off their collection of couture gowns in an exquisite fashion show and mingled with attendees. MODA staff members and writers as well as regional industry professionals were also in attendance. Throwing on my new favorite blush-colored cocktail dress and white strappy heels, I grabbed my oversized roll over clutch and was able to meet up with Madalyn, the rockstar working all the magic behind the scenes, to get the scoop on what it’s like to run such an event.

Name: Madalyn Manzek

Role: MODA Magazine Event Planner – Couture & Cocktails

CollegeFashionista: How did you get involved with MODA Magazine and planning UWFW’s Couture & Cocktails event? What was your favorite part of the evening?

Madalyn Manzek: I was a contributing writer for MODA and wanted to get involved with UW Fashion Week. Couture & Cocktails sounded like the most interesting event to plan so I applied and got the position! I scouted designers that have designs perfect for the event and theme which was Masquerade this year. I then created all the designer bios to be on display at the event so everyone could read about the designer and get a better idea of their design aesthetic. I love how the event combines designers, editors, photographers and all sorts of people for an evening of glamour, fashion and fun!

CF: What kind of work goes on behind the scenes of event planning that no one really knows about?

MMI was in charge of coordinating all the designers and models. There is a lot that goes into making sure there is clear communication and every one knows the details because the details are what can make or break the event.

CF: What are you studying in school? Do you plan to go into fashion upon graduation?

MM: My major is Textile and Fashion Design. I am a fashion designer. I was mainly attracted to this event because it was focused around designers, especially UW designers. I had seen my fellow designers’ work and knew what pieces would work for the event. I plan to go into fashion upon graduation!

CF: What are your biggest sources of inspiration/how do you stay inspired?

MM: My constant source of inspiration that is the foundation for my designs is the female figure. My designs enhance the female figure and tend to highlight my favorite parts which are the legs and back. I especially love Rodin and Camille Claudel’s sculptures of human figures because they capture them in such an organic and sensual way that I try to emulate in my designs.

Learn More: Madalyn recently accepted a summer internship with Global Brands Group located in the Empire State Building in NYC and is waiting to hear back whether she will finish out her program studying at FIT also located in NYC. Her ultimate career goal is to work for Tom Ford, her design idol.