“A super rad boutique in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,” is how local Hawaiian boutique, Bamboo Sky, defines itself. Established in 2006, owner and founder Tiffany Breeden wanted to offer Fashionistas a unique, trendy assortment of women’s fashion, accessories and jewelry. As a loyal customer of Bamboo Sky, I adore their modern, fashionable clothing, aesthetics and awesome customer service, so I decided to meet up with a salesclerk to learn more.

Name: Mari Maede

Role: Key Holder, Bamboo Sky

CollegeFashionista: What makes Bamboo Sky unique?

Mari Maede: Bamboo Sky offers a variety of styles ranging from basic styles and classics to trendy items. Tiff frequently goes on buying trips to LA and Las Vegas to find the latest, coolest pieces so we are always up to date. We also have a wide range of prices that are suitable for all customers.

CF: Who is the ideal customer?

MM: Anyone! We have a wide range of customers from younger girls in college and high school to older women in their 40’s and 50’s. We cater to anyone interested in styling themselves and dressing nice.

CF: What trends are you looking forward to this season?

MM: I’m definitely a fall/winter person, so I experiment less during the summer. However, I think One Teaspoon shorts are fun to style as well as lace crop tops. I also like to layer thin pieces together, even though it is not cold outside.

Learn More: To get your hands on some of the latest trends, check out Bamboo Sky’s website or email