AROUND TOWN: Augusta Mae Boutique and Fine Consignment

As Marc Jacobs so eloquently stated, “clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” At Augusta Mae Boutique and Fine Consignment, located in Cranford, New Jersey, this statement is perfectly embodied. Combing the elements of old and new, owners Kim Capece and Clara Nunziato prove that there is nothing wrong with purchasing clothing that has had a previous life, as it only adds some extra character to the pieces. The wide array of inventory makes it almost impossible to leave this charming shop without some piece that may just become that pivotal edition to your wardrobe. The store has already been voted best vintage consignment shop in New Jersey, by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, exemplifying the immediate success of this small business. 

Name: Kim Capece

Role: Co-Owner; Augusta Mae

CollegeFashionista: Why did you and Clara open Augusta Mae?

Kim Capece: Clara and I have always been great friends and felt that our community needed a place where ladies, every age, could simply walk downtown and have the opportunity to shop some of the newest trends, as well as walk away with items that they may otherwise have not been able to afford. 

CF: What is the meaning behind the name of your store, and how does that translate into the type of atmosphere created in your boutique?

KC: Augusta Mae is named after our grandmothers, Augusta and Mae. We have taken a personal approach here, and feel that having our store based out of a home in the center of town immediately brings a certain nostalgic feeling when people walk into the store.

CF: How do you pick and choose what pieces to accept and carry, as your store is a combination of boutique and consignment?

KC: As far as consignment, we accept high end merchandise, with some of our brand names being Free People, Ralph Lauren, Lucky Brand, J.Crew, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch and Coach. Our most popular items are the designer handbags that are in great condition. As for the boutique, we try to keep our accessories trendy, as our fashion-forward high school employees help us stay on top of the current trends. We love the charity based organizations such as The Giving Keys, Chavez for Charity, Pura Vida and Banded.

CF: How do you continue spreading the word about your shop and staying in touch with your customers, while also expanding your clientele?

KC: Word of mouth from customers is huge, but we also put a lot of time into developing a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. We have expanded our store a bit by selling some items through these social media forums and mailing purchases to some of our customers who live farther away.

Learn More: To shop at this hip store, visit 35 Alden Street in Cranford, New Jersey. You can also check them out at, like them on Facebook or follow them on Pinterest, Instagram (@augustamaeboutique) or Twitter (@augustamaeshop.)