AROUND TOWN: Apricot Lane Boutique

When it comes to shopping in Normal, IL I am sure we can all agree that it is slim pickings. Thank God for this trendy current boutique called Apricot Lane, located in Uptown Normal. Whenever I am in need of a formal dress outfit for the night or the latest accessory Apricot Lane is the place to go. One of my favorite things about it is their ability to stay so on top of the latest trends in fashion. I seem to always spot it at Apricot Lane before it makes its way all across retail stores.

Name: Dana Albertson

Role: Shift Manager, Apricot Lane Boutique

CollegeFashionista: What would you say is the best part about working at Apricot Lane?

Dana Albertson: The best part about working at Apricot Lane is styling and creating strong relationships with my customers. Also it has given me great experience in the fashion industry.  

CF: What is your favorite item that you have in store right now?

DA: My favorite item would be our Piko tops. So versatile comfortable and come in the best spring colors for the upcoming season.

CF: Where does the inspiration for your outfits come from?

DA: My inspiration comes from the fashion blogs I follow on Instagram as well as Pinterest. I usually put a spin on it to fit my personal style.

CF: How does Apricot Lane keep up with the latest trends in fashion?

DA: Our buyer gets our clothing straight from the LA fashion district. It’s always super trendy but she also follows fashion bloggers and stays on top of the competition.

Learn More: To get a hold of any of the trendy items featured in Dana’s outfit, head on over to Apricot Lane Boutique located on 206 West North Street or check out their online store.