AROUND TOWN: Alexandra Ort

Have you ever wondered who decided how someone was to be dressed on the cover of Vogue? How about the way a store was laid out in a local boutique? Fashion Institute of Technology has some of the most unique majors, from Fashion Merchandising Management all the way to Toy Design. Alexandra Ort has the amazing opportunity to study FMM (Fashion Merchandising Management) at FIT, and one day hopes to be at the top of the fashion industry. Here is an inside scoop on what this FMM major wants accomplish.

Name: Alexandra Ort

Role: Fashion Merchandising Management Student

 CollegeFashionista: Why did you decided to study FMM at FIT?

Alexandra Ort: I decided to pick FMM because a lot of the career options that are available after graduating with this major intrigue me. It’s broad enough where I could go into so many different careers. That truly made me passionate about the major.

CF: Who is your biggest style inspiration? Why?

AO: Olivia Palermo. She has a classic elegance to her, but it is usually with a cool twist. She’s also not afraid to take risks.

 CF: What are you hoping to accomplish after graduating from FIT with an FMM degree?

AO: I would love to go straight into a full time job learning a lot from the experts in my area of the fashion industry and work my way up to be a successful woman. Maybe even one day become the next Aya Kanai.

Learn More: This next semester, Alexandra will be involved with her second International Fashion Week and her first internship. Make sure to keep your eyes out for this Fashionista.