AROUND TOWN: À La Mode BC’s Second Annual Fashion Show

March 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Just a few weeks ago, every Fashionista’s dream became a reality as the Rat was transformed into a runway. À La Mode BC, the Fashion Club of Boston College, hosted its second annual fashion show with over 100 people in attendance. Stores ranged from boutiques like Daisy Spade, Clear Classics and Duchess to big name brands like Vineyard Vines. Even makeup artist Cindy Chen featured incredible body art on the Fashion Show’s models, which were all students. To end the night with a bang, guests walked away with plenty of fashion accessories, gift certificates and raffles.

Name: Greta Quintini

Role: FCBC Vice President

CollegeFashionista: After only two years, the fashion show was certainly a hit campus-wide. What do you feel made this years show extra special?

Greta Quintini: We definitely owe a lot of credit to the amazing shops, artists and performers who contributed to our show one way or another. Of course, the range of designs we featured were crowd-pleasers—guests got to see looks as simple as T-shirts and jeans or ensembles as intense as cocktail dresses and blazers. Everyone also loved the intermission performances by JUICE, an on-campus band of sophomores, and F.I.S.T.S., an all-women’s step team.

CF: In what way would you say the fashion show was successful in delivering FCBC’s club mission?

GQ: Fostering creativity is what we strive for as a club, and that was certainly evident the night of the show. The fact that so many designs were student created and showcased on the runway truly reveals the amount of artistic potential BC students have and are willing to spread around the BC community with pride.

CF: Should we expect any other exciting happenings on campus courtesy of FCBC?

GQ: Keep a look out for our annual fashion magazine! We plan for it to hit campus later this spring. It’ll be featuring the latest on-campus trends as told and modeled by BC students, as well as their own fashion sketches and articles!

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