ALL IN THE DETAILS: You Can’t See Past My Circular Shades

After Boston’s latest blizzard, there is over 12 inches of snow on the ground. Walking outside, you’re blinded by the whiteness of the snow, and it’s time to pull out those shades! Sunglasses never go out of style, and they are perfect for a makeup or no makeup look on a full day of classes. Which style of shades will you choose?

Getting trendy, this Fashionista decided to sport a pair of Round Flash Lenses from Ray-Ban. She decided to wear the color Silver Flash; however, the glasses come in many different colors including Copper Flash and Yellow Flash. This Fashionista’s shades are mirrored, which is a chic look and looks fabulous on her face! These hipster glasses come in various colors and sizes and can be found at many stores including Forever 21 and WILDFOX.

These artsy shades can be paired with a casual or dressed-up look. This Fashionista paired the glasses with a simple pair of black jeans, black boots, a plaid scarf and black Canada Goose winter jacket. I love how this Fashionista is wearing my favorite color head to toe—black!

Finishing this outfit off right, this Fashionista wore a black beanie, complementing not only her outfit but also the sunglasses perfectly. The contrast between the shades and the beanie looks amazing.

How To: Covering up your cute outfit with your winter jacket and want to stand out? No worries! Pull out a pair of circular shades to spice up that simple winter coat. The glasses will be a chic addition to your amazing winter style!