Have you ever felt like you needed to switch up your look? Not exactly sure where to start? Look no further Fashionistas. Red lipstick is one detail that can completely transform any appearance. Whether you are looking to add an extra feature during the day or stand out at night, red lipstick is valuable in any occasion. There are no limitations placed on its use. Different shades of red and varying vibrancies assure that there is a red lipstick for every style and taste. In the midst of a cold winter season filled with blue and gray hues, red lipstick is the perfect way to warm you up. This irresistible detail leaves a chic and long-lasting impression that successfully contrasts dim surroundings.

Don’t be intimidated by the bold lip, Fashionistas. Red lipstick can be worn on a regular basis simply to add an extra wow factor to your look. This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies the casual side of this beauty detail by proudly rocking her ruby red lipstick on the way to class. Not only does her bright red lip stand out against her green coat and scarf, but it also works to fabulously complement the green hue in her eyes. By adding this one detail, this Fashionista was able to fully enhance her everyday ensemble. The boldness of her red lip is also perfectly matched and balanced by the subtle leather detail on her black leggings. The combination of these simple yet exclamatory details make the look stand out against the cool background. Paired with a red lip, any Fashionista can feel unique and confident.

How To: Ready for the day but feel like the cold weather has drained all of your color? Apply a complete covering of MAC’s Chili lipstick, topped with a sleek layer of clear gloss to add a warm and defining detail. When you’re ready for a night out, simply use this same lipstick to make your lips and beauty pop!