ALL IN THE DETAILS: Where Are You Wearing?

Yes, the title is typed correctly: Where are you wearing? Today, if you watch any red carpet event, I guarantee you will hear the question, “Who are you wearing?” at least one hundred times. Also, if you are anything like me, you are usually drooling over the dresses, the shoes, the diamonds and the picture perfect makeup that celebrities wear while slaying the red carpet. (We’re looking at you, Taylor Swift). But, let’s forget the question of who and focus on where.

As you can see, this Fashionista looks to be wearing a simple gold bar necklace. These necklaces are typical to any store and can be bought practically anywhere. BORING. Take a closer look; those numbers are coordinates of a place she visited and fell in love with. Now, there is something you can’t buy in any store. Necklaces like these are one of my favorite things. They are personal and one of a kind statements that you create yourself. For me, I would do what this Fashionista is doing and let the necklace stand out on its own. Having three or four necklaces layered on top of this would make it get lost in the crowd. So having a simple white dress, sandals and shoulder bag are all you need to create a simple laid back look.

Trust me, people will take a second look at these necklaces. At first they may seem like a simple chain, but if they look twice there is a story to be told.

So wear your coordinates and let someone ask, “Where are you wearing?”.

How To: There are a couple of ways you can recreate this look yourself. Option one would be to buy a simple gold bar necklace, take it to a jeweler and get it engraved. Option two (the option I would personally choose) is to search on a site like Etsy and find a shop that creates necklaces like this. Choose your metal finish, china length and give them all of the coordinate information so your jewelry can be unique and meaningful.