ALL IN THE DETAILS: Two Looks in One

January 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Perhaps the only thing that makes getting up in the morning harder for a college student is the tragic realization that we have to walk to class in the freezing cold. All we want to do is to stay in our comfortable sweats and warm beds all day curled up with some hot chocolate, but sadly we cannot.

So what do we do? Most girls will roll out of bed and put on comfortable leggings and a top, but this Fashionista put an amazing twist on this simple legging look. She chose to include great accessories to show off her noteworthy style. Her black circle scarf, black handbag and gray combat boots all add great detail.

One of my absolute favorite pieces to wear is a great jacket. They are always a fun and easy way to spice up a simple outfit, especially in the winter season. In this case, this stunning Fashionista is wearing an amazing long coat. Long coats are not only extremely fashion-forward, but they are also practical for the cold weather as well!

What makes this particular long coat truly spectacular is its reversibility. Depending on how she feels, this Fashionista can either rock a cozy solid black jacket or a bold black and white Aztec print! Reversible coats are such a smart purchase for both your over crowded closet and your wallet. It is almost as if you are buying two coats for the price of one and it will only take up the space of one coat instead of two. As a college student, I understand that we do not always have the money to spend on multiple pieces of clothing, but also we do not have the room to house our full wardrobes in our tiny dorms. A reversible jacket is the perfect solution for these issues.

This outfit is perfect for any lazy, yet stylish day.

How To: If you’re wondering how you can get this look for yourself, don’t look any further! Get the amazing Michael Kors handbag, reversible jacket and great combat boots to really put it all together.