In recent years, the bohemian trend has grown enormously popular. But, like many trends that become popular there is the common difficulty: how to make this popular look your own. What can you do to stand out among different variations of the same outfit out and about?

This Fashionista paired a cute, fun boho dress with black tights (it has gotten really chilly out!), a chunky silver necklace and last but not least—sparkly booties! The booties are the perfect addition to this outfit. Not only are they a pair of shoes that is sure to get you noticed, but they add a fun, unexpected edge to this cute and fairly simple outfit. These booties are long and narrow, with almost a Western look to them. While these aren’t the typical shoe paired with a floral, flowy dress, it is the surprise and contrast between the two that really make the shoes pop. The black tights against the metallic doesn’t hurt either.

There are so many ways to make a part of your outfit pop. For instance, you could choose a similar style of shoe(only a little more durable) such as these metallic, waterproof booties. If you aren’t a fan of something so loud and proud, a cool way to make a statement is simply putting a unique twist on a classic piece like the different materials used to make these neutral booties. The best part is, shoes aren’t the only way to spice up an outfit. Any cool accessory you like is perfect for the job. From a cute hat to patterned tights, the possibilities are endless.

How To: While a bright pair of shoes like this can seem a little intimidating, it helps to start small. Try picking a pair of shoes you love, but may be a little out of your comfort zone. If you don’t know how to begin, the best outfit is the most simple. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and that plain T-shirt that never fails you and have your boots do all the talking. Soon you’ll be able to pair them with dresses, skirts and pants of all kinds!