ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Price of Silk

During the bleak winter months, we tend to forget the vibrant blues, reds and yellows and embrace a darker toned closet; Since most of the day is spent in coats under thick scarves, socks and hats, we hide ourselves under all the wool. If you are looking for an easy way to add a splash of colour to the blacks, blues and grays of your winter identity, I am here to help.

This lightweight square is your new best friend: the silk scarf! There are several ways to transform your winter outfit of the day (OOTD) into a more elegant, lively look with this lovely accessory. Google the film Carol and look at how Cate Blanchett utilizes a simple silk scarf. She radiates class and individuality because of the many ways she wears the silk square: placed over her head and tied under her chin, hanging effortlessly around the neck, wrapped around her shoulders and the list goes on and on. Get creative!

The square silk scarf is easy to store when you go inside as well. Just fold and put it in any purse, and I promise it will fit. Or, if you don’t want to part with the lovely scarf, tie it onto your purse strap/handle. Allow it to make an impression even without the winter coat.

How To: To achieve the Fashionista’s look in the images above, try folding the square to create an isosceles triangle. Take the two corners on the longest side of the scarf and tie them around your neck. The majority of the scarf should be resting in front of you. Adjust the fabric to your liking.