One of the things that I like most about Suffolk University is the fact that it doesn’t exactly have a campus. A remember when I got accepted into the school, I got a flyer that said that Suffolk’s campus was the city—and that is so true. So, every now and then when I get a break from classes, I walk around downtown crossing to “people watch” and “place watch”. Last semester, in one of my escapades, I found out about Caffè Nero. This little English gem just opened here, and it has turned into my favorite place to go to.

Last week, while ordering my usual, chai latte with almond milk (a.k.a. a little piece of heaven), I spotted this Fashionista on one of the cafe corners. She looked very concentrated on whatever she was doing on her computer, to a point that I kind of felt bad approaching her. However, I really couldn’t help it, her hat kept finding a way back into my field of view. So…I interrupted her. Not surprisingly, her entire outfit was on point.

First of all, she was literally killing it with that hat. The fact that she put her hair up allowed all the focus to go to her winter fedora. This little piece is a must-have during the wintertime; they not only protect you from the cold but also add a cool touch to any outfit. Not satisfied, she decided to rock three other trends as well: layering ripped denim and white sneakers. I love how she predominately used black on her look, but was still able to subtly add color to it. The pink shirt and white Stan Smiths broke up the black’s monotony. I also loved how she layered her necklaces as well. She put two very delicate and minimalistic pieces with a bigger one, and it looked amazing. This outfit is perfect to go to school or to spend the day with your friend or boo thang!

How To: Wondering how to rock this look? Pick out a fedora, a pair of ripped denim and layer it with whatever you’d like. To add top it off, throw on the sneakers of the season, and you will be good to go!