ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Art of Composing

School is back in motion, and that means early wake-ups and late bed-times. For this reason, getting ready in the morning can be quite a challenge as a result of the sleepy zombie-like gestures that determine the clothing selection for the day: I’m sure everyone has experienced the occasional internal chuckle provoked by unintentionally mismatched socks and unevenly-buttoned shirts. However, when you do get it right, the day seems to go by much smoother, much like when you make your bed in the morning (ha! I challenge you).

This Fashionista got it right. In addition to rocking a great smile, she was able to compose the perfect comfortable-yet-chic outfit with the aid of a couple important details. Firstly, the coat adds texture and dimension to her base, while keeping her warm from the unpredictable New England weather. It also acts as a layering element, as her longer white cardigan peeps through from beneath. Secondly, the white wool lining of her booties is an echo of the texture of the coat, creating visual balance by acting as the outfit’s concluding statement. Similarly, her green socks discreetly recall the green of her shirt, further instigating a sort of optic parity. Finally, her purposefully-mismatched rings somehow tie the whole outfit together, perhaps adding the necessary imbalance that is necessary in order to achieve the truly harmonious composition.

How To: Have you always been hesitant to combine different styles of jewelry? Make mismatched rings look great by relying on one or two understated hues for the overall outfit.