Hair accessories are great for “wrapping” up your outfit. We’ve all experienced a bad hair day and understand the struggle of looking in the mirror trying to think of a way to fix the disaster. Usually when I’m having a bad hair day I throw it up in a bun, as many people often do. However, I recently started wearing a headband or head wrap to add more to my outfit. Just this one simple accessory can automatically enhance your look.

Head wraps are a great hair accessory that can save any hair catastrophe. This Fashionista demonstrates a simple, bohemian-inspired look with her black head wrap. Her unique hair accessory goes great with her sweater and further enhances her bohemian style. This is convenient for winter time, since you want to try and dress warm for any affair. A pair of boyfriend jeans are also perfect for this look and can be either casual or dressed up. The last component of this look is her casual, yet colorful tank top. While the rest of her outfit is neutral, this maroon top helps add color to her wardrobe.

This hair accessory works well in any color. My personal favorite is a maroon one that I often wear. With dark hair, sometimes a colored accessory is the way to go. A bright head wrap can help make your outfit pop if you’re wearing more neutral clothes. However, this Fashionista demonstrates how a dark or neutral color for a hair accessory can be just as trendy and appealing.

How To: You can wear a head wrap with your hair either up or down. Don’t let a messy hair day stand in your way from feeling good when you go to leave your room. Throw your hair back in a bun or ponytail and wear any sort of headband or head wrap to add a final touch to your outfit. This multi-use hair piece will definitely add character to any outfit.