Winter can be brutal—we all know this, so we stock up on all of the latest bobble hats and scarves to protect us from Mother Nature’s inevitable reign. But for the past few months, winter has been much kinder to us here on the East Coast. Instead of bitter winds and near freezing temperatures, we are left with the remnants of a much milder autumn. Therefore, instead of layering to protect ourselves from winter’s wrath, we have found ourselves reveling in our winter coats and boots and trying new fashions that otherwise would not have worked.

With this mild winter, scarves not only act to protect us from winter’s chill but also as a pivotal component in our wardrobes. This Fashionista has made her silk scarf the star of her outfit. A very simple, monochromatic look comes alive with the introduction of the marigold silk. With the addition of a simple piece of fabric, the look changes completely. Who knew something so simple could look so chic? Inspired by this Fashionista’s take on the silk scarf, I went looking for one of my own. What I discovered is that these scarves are incredibly versatile. This Fashionista had chosen to fashion her scarf into a knot—but that is just one of the many ways one can style it. You can also tie the material into a bow or fashion skinnier fabric scarves into suit ties. There are so many different ways to wear these simple fabrics and the choice is all up to you!

How To: To rock the silk scarf, your outfit must be simplistic. You want the scarf to be the attention-grabbing piece! Wrap the fabric around once and tie it into a simple knot or bow. Accessorize with a small bag and chic shades and you’re ready to go!