Here in Ohio, the weather seems to be unpredictable. We went from questioning whether we would experience an actual winter this year to not wanting to step foot outside within the matter of a week. Bitter, cold weather seems to be creeping up quickly and it is essential to remain as warm as possible despite the craziness that the winter months bring.

As I walk through campus, I am spotting more and more knitted head wraps as the temperature drops. It’s a perfect accessory to add to your winter wardrobe! Not to mention they’re incredibly affordable for those of you who are on that tight college student budget. This Fashionista pairs her knit head wrap effortlessly with a trendy Michael Kors puffer coat and the ever so classic duck boots. Keeping warm is the most important factor when dressing for winter, but looking good while doing so can be important as well. A knit head wrap is not only able to keep your ears warm without the unflattering look of hat hair, but it can also top off your winter look while you’re off to brave the cold.

This knit head wrap is the perfect mix of remaining stylish but also practical. Any Fashionista can pull this trend off! It’s an easy piece to throw on as you’re heading out the door for class. These head wraps can be bought in multiple colors and patterns such as a chunky braid or a twist so you can easily find the perfect one that fits your style.

How To: A knit head wrap can pair nicely with just about anything. Whether you’re wearing a parka in negative degree weather or dressing up in a peacoat for a night out, this knitted head wrap can add a nice touch to just about any look you’ll be sporting throughout the winter.