ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sole Searching

Summer is slowly and surely coming to an end, and it’s time to accept that we won’t be happily prancing around in our shorts and tank tops anymore. BUT, that doesn’t mean that the wonderful fashion has to end! As much as it saddens me that the summer sun won’t be shining down on me everyday, started to think about the transition to the next season.

I’m starting to search for trends that I can keep around in my closet for the fall season. I know i’m writing for summer trends right now but, I must admit that fall is my favorite time of the year fashion wise.

Now lets talk more specifically about certain pieces. This Fashionista is sporting two very classic pieces that have made a large statement in the fashion world. The maxi skirt allows you to be comfortable and keep you looking your best on the streets. When I first stumbled upon this trend my first and main concern, what shoes do I pair with this?

I have seen different approaches from multiple Fashionistas. Sandals seem to be the go-to footwear that a lot of people settle for. Gladiator sandals especially add definition to your shoe choice. The height continues even within the skirt, adding length to your appearance.

How To: Gladiator sandals are most definitely a staple item that you need for the summer. Within the few first weeks of fall, it is for sure acceptable to rock this footwear with a pair of simple jeans.