February 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter in Alabama tends to be tricky, and by tricky I mean cold one day and warm the next. That’s winter under the Mason-Dixon line for you.  So through all the chaos known as “Southern winter,” where does one find a happy medium? Over-the-knee socks of course! Over-the-knee socks are the perfect accessory to be worn during any season. Not only are they versatile, but they add a little spice to an everything nice outfit.

I’m all about trends and one trend that seems to never go away is over-the-knee socks.This Fashionista puts the clue in clueless with her stylish ensemble paired with the  trend. She pairs her socks with a plum skater skirt, cropped boxy sweater, black booties and a Kendra Scott necklace. The trend is so effective because socks are so versatile with colors, textures and designs. Just by adding a decorative pair of socks to a bare leg takes date night wardrobe, and transforms it into campus wear. What I love so much about this Fashionista’s outfit is that she took casual pieces and made them season appropriate by adding over-the-knee-socks. I truly believe accessories will allow you to wear the same outfit twice in a week. Whether you raise the socks or lower them to your ankles is your call.

How To: Weather still confused with the seasons?  Achieve this trendy get-up by throwing on a skater skirt paired with a cropped sweater. Finish it by layering over-the-knee socks with booties. You can also pair over-the-knee socks with a sweater or cardigan pulled over a short flirty dress to get a similar look.