ALL IN THE DETAILS: Save The Vest For Last

The weather in Philadelphia has been anything but ordinary for this time of year. While students should be roaming around in their fur parkas and fleece lined leggings, this odd January hasn’t really had temperatures drop too low yet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it’s a hot summer day, but this strangely warm winter has got everyone on campus feeling extremely weather confused. Nevertheless, it is still winter, so some layering is still needed for warmth in random gusts of wind. A vest is a staple piece that proves to be versatile in all weather and seasons.

A vest is great outerwear for pretty much any look you are trying to create. You can wear a puffer vest more casually over a sweatshirt or long sleeve T-shirt, or you can dress up a fancier outfit with a fur vest. Vests serve as great transition pieces from warmer months to colder ones. While we may not be ready for big jackets just yet, a vest serves as a changeover from one season into another. Vests come in a variety of colors and you can find one for pretty much any outfit you are trying to tie together.

This Fashionista chose to rock a brown vest that was puffy on the outside but fur on the inside. This vest is sure to keep her warm and even adds a spark of style with the fur lining peeping out the top. She layered her vest over a maroon sweater that complemented it seamlessly. Light wash jeans and brown boots tied her outfit together, with the simple add on of some black Ray-Ban glasses, she created a cute and casual look for the day.

How To: If the temperature outside is not too hot or cold but somewhere in between, you should add on a vest as it’s a perfect transition piece. Also, adding on a vest can turn a basic ensemble into a chic and stylish look for everyday wear.