ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty Meets Simple

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pretty Meets Simple

Taking a walk around town, going out to brunch, or just going out to class? Any Fashionista knows that their chill, but charming day needs to be matched with an equally as delightful outfit. However, one dilemma that passes through the minds of Fashionistas is, “How do you craft a perfectly simple outfit without seeming boring?”

My solution is simple: it is all in the details. Want to dress simple? Choose a style of clothing to follow and add all of your favorite pretty little details. Make accessories your best friend and pile on all of your favorites to keep the outfit looking alive and spirited.

Not only is tossing on accessories a way to liven up your look, but it is also a way to add some character to your outfit, without fail! That favorite necklace that you wear everyday, or your favorite unique watch? They’re the perfect solution to turning a lackluster outfit into something you can show off.

This is exactly what this Fashionista did for her day of window shopping and coffee sipping around town. She decided to revamp her simple look with romantic details that allowed her personality to shine through. While her white blouse and cropped jeans are the ultimate wardrobe staples, the lace on the top and rips on the jeans makes the outfit a stylish look. The Fashionista also uses a blush colored lacy bralette, a gold dainty necklace, and a statement rose gold watch. Then, to balance out the feminine style, she added some quilted slip-on shoes.

Want to wear a simple outfit for your college day, but afraid that your outfit will fade into the background? Make a statement, just like this Fashionista, by opting for pretty little details shown through her embellished wardrobe basics and accessories.