ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patches Please!

Surround yourself with boxes of vinyl records, vintage clothing, rare knick-knacks and handmade artwork and you’ll find that you’ll also be surrounded by some of the most fashionable, unique human beings.  At least, that’s what happens at Philadelphia’s Punk Rock Flee Market. Every year the community gets together to celebrate good music, support local artists and make new friends. The patchwork on the Fashionista’s denim shirt immediately caught my eye while I was there.

Not only do the patches add color to her look, they also show off her personality. Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, she wears it on her back! The patches on her shirt breathe new life into a vintage denim shirt and make for a great conversation starter. One’s collection of patches, pins or other accessories is never complete—there is no maximum to how many you can wear at once! DKNY’s photoshoot of Cara Delevingne in patch-covered jeans proves there is no such thing as “too many.”

This Fashionista’s look is the quintessence of effortless shopper attire. She has paired the denim shirt with other laid-back pieces to stay comfortable throughout a long day of sifting through piles of records and music memorabilia. The loose, green cargo pants and a black Led Zeppelin T-shirt she chose allow the denim shirt to stand out. Her accessories, shoes and bag also allow for the same.

Many fashion magazines or blogs will suggest that a wardrobe contain one statement piece that becomes your signature look when worn on a frequent basis. This Fashionista has certainly and successfully found hers. Patches on clothing today is the contemporary equivalent to travel stickers on luggage. Years from now, the patches will show you where you’ve been and who you’ve become—and that is the incredible power or fashion.

How To: Patches can be found almost anywhere. You can find them online, in thrift stores and at flea markets! Perhaps your parents or grandparents have a rad collection that they’d spare you! Once you’ve sewn or ironed them onto your chosen article of clothing or accessory, try pairing it with other pieces of your wardrobe; you may be surprised how easily they make a formal dress casual or enhance a simple outfit!