Well it’s official, winter has finally snuck up on us. The tease of a mild winter is no more, and what a dilemma it has left us with! I sympathize with all you CollegeFashionistas who have to trudge to class in these seemingly arctic temperatures. I’m with you all when the morning’s frigid weather draws you towards your favorite pair of sweats rather than that fab outfit you set out the night before. Trust me, this happens to even the most dedicated Fashionistas. My goal for this semester is to not let the winter forecast condemn me to my sweats!

This Fashionista is way ahead of the game. She isn’t letting the below zero temperatures ruin her look! Instead she is embracing winter with the perfect combo of winter accessories, necessary for both keeping cozy (which I am always for) and perfectly tying her outfit together. With this look, she is ready for the runway, the runway being her walk to class, of course. The focal point of this look is definitely her black earmuffs!

Earmuffs are both a practical and adorable accessory that don’t force you to have to choose between warmth and saving your perfect hair day. I think we can all relate to unwillingly having to pull a hat over those curls that took so much effort in the morning. With earmuffs you don’t have to worry about ruining your hair and, at the same time you can feel confident that you are definitely making heads turn!

This Fashionista chose to wear her earmuffs with a high ponytail. The high ponytail draws attention to and makes a statement out of her earmuffs. This makes them a pivotal piece in her look. She wore a turtleneck sweater that is perfectly layered under a cozy black puffer coat. She finished off with tall black boots, a staple of this season. With these fashion tips you will never have to choose between the look you love and staying warm!

How To: Sick of having to pull a hat over that hairstyle that took all morning? Avoid it by losing the hat altogether and rocking a pair of earmuffs! Be sure to keep the rest of your look simple and cohesive so that the showstopper is the earmuffs.