ALL IN THE DETAILS: Men's Layering

Men’s fashion can be a very tricky thing to figure out. I think it is something that sometimes gets brushed to the side and is considered to take “too much effort” to master. I’ve grown accustomed to men wearing the standard sports T-shirt and sweat pants. Well, Fashionistas/os, you’ll be pleased to hear that I spotted someone who has mastered the art of men’s fashion! He does this while looking not only put together, but also comfortable and that is a very impressive thing.

This Fashionisto paired a plaid button-down with a structured winter jacket reflecting the inevitable winter trend of layering. Layering is a great trend for anyone regardless of gender and that is truly portrayed by this Fashionisto! His green pants mesh and contrast well with his shirt and jacket and his outfit is polished off by his boots. Boots are a huge trend this season and they aren’t going anywhere. I don’t know about the rest of the country but boots are not only good looking, but are also very practical for Ohio weather. This Fashionisto is rocking some amazing boots on this very cold and snowy day. He also managed to accessorize with an impressive Michael Kors watch and intricate beaded bracelet! He took it to the next level by added a great pair of Burberry aviator sunglasses and a plain black beanie.

Guys, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You never know which trend you could totally pull off and what you can actually really look good in. Fashion is about being willing to take risks even if it is just one aspect at a time!

How To: Not sure how to pull off the men’s layering technique? Just throw on an article of clothing that is a heavier fabric on top of your normal T-shirt, button-down or thin hoodie. Pair these items with your favorite denim and lastly accessorize! Men can accessorize too, and you can never go wrong with a good shoe, boot, watch or hat!