ALL IN THE DETAILS: Meaningful Pieces

In the pursuit of making our style both personal and unique, accessories are key. Sometimes it is great to be have bold standout pieces that catch our attention, but often times subtle, meaningful pieces are all we need to add a personal touch to our style.

This Fashionista is wearing a great maxi dress from Forever 21. The whimsical elephant pattern of the maxi dress adds some fun and a little bit of a boho vibe to this amazing outfit. With the great base of this maxi dress, this Fashionista adds some great accessories to her outfit to truly make it her own. Her cute cat eye sunglasses work well with the playful vibe of her outfit. In addition, her small black purse is perfectly understated yet fun to add to the details of this look. As with any great accessory, the story behind it is what makes it special and significant. The white heels that this Fashionista pairs with her outfit are in fact a great thrift store find. The heels of these shoes are actually made from real bamboo. This Fashionista loves to discover amazing pieces at thrift stores and consignment shops that help to make her outfits unique.

The most significant, and also the most understated part of this Fashionista’s outfit, is her bracelet. The key bracelet she wears is a Giving Key that says “Fearless.” She explained to me that Giving Keys are made from old, repurposed keys and are meant to be given to loved ones. It is accessories like this that add meaning and a personal touch to our outfits.

How To: Do a little research into your accessories. Find out the story behind a brand or a specific piece so your accessories become more than just a pretty piece of jewelry.