Walking to class in the winter can be a struggle. The thought of leaving your comfy bed, pausing your Netflix show and walking out into the blustering snow makes you want to never leave your apartment again. Luckily, this Fashionista shows us how to bring the feeling of our comfy bed into our wardrobe!

This Fashionista is keeping all the focus on her blanket scarf. She is wearing a pair of versatile black leggings, a staple for every college girl’s wardrobe. She kept the rest of her outfit simple by pairing her leggings with a solid black long sleeve shirt and a turquoise cardigan. To bring in the cozy feeling, she accessorized with an oversized blanket scarf.

Blanket scarves have been one of my favorite trends this year! These scarves are often plaid, but come in an array of colors. You’re definitely not sacrificing comfort for style when you wear them. You’re pretty much wearing a blanket around yourself, what could be better than that? My favorite thing about blanket scarves is the variety of ways you can wear them. This Fashionista draped her scarf over her shoulders like a shawl. When wearing the scarf this way, try adding a belt to define your waistline, which adds a feminine touch. You can also wear your blanket scarf around your neck with both ends hanging down.

This style of scarf definitely makes a statement! Blanket scarves instantly pull an outfit together, which is another reason they’re such a great item to have in your wardrobe for the winter. If you’re running late to class, or simply don’t want to change out of your T-shirt and leggings, add a blanket scarf to your outfit for a pop of color. You will instantly have a stylish and cozy outfit!

How To: To achieve this Fashionista’s look be sure to wear a pair of black leggings, a solid long sleeved shirt and a solid-colored cardigan. Don’t forget to add a coordinating blanket scarf and a pair of sleek combat boots to finish off your look! Now you’ll be ready to make a statement while staying comfortable wherever you go!