Although it’s supposed to be winter, here in Southern California it feels like spring. These sunny days include more dresses and skirts, which would be completely out of place anywhere else. However, we SoCal people are cheating our way through the winter. Technically, it’s not yet time for shorts and crop tops; so what’s the average Fashionista/o supposed to do? Think maxi pieces.

This Fashionista is a prime example of how this time of year is treating us. While others try to be safe and stick with the assigned season, she chose a boho-style maxi dress which serves as a pivotal element of her outfit. The thin, chiffon layer reminds us that it’s winter somewhere, yet it’s perfect for when it gets warmer throughout the day. The floral and bird prints gives the outfit a spring feel without being overwhelming. In addition, her brown-and-black, studded flats are effortless but edgy. Her bold choice was the black studded cross-body because it was much edgier than the rest of her look. However, this Fashionista knows that it’s not spring yet; therefore, the addition of edginess was a winter wardrobe move.

The beauty about a printed maxi dress is that it doesn’t need vibrant accessories to standout. Be minimal with your adornments because the dress is trendy in itself!

How To: A maxi dress is the perfect go-to look. They are easy to throw on while still being adorable. Choose your favorite printed maxi dress and complement it with accessories, like a statement cross-body bag and some dainty flats. If it’s actually winter where you are, just add a chunky cardigan and some booties. You can never go wrong with a maxi.