ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let's Get A Little Knotty

In many ways, bows are often associated with little girls. They wear them in their hair or have them on little barrettes; they even sometimes have them at the top of their tiny T-shirts to add some sort of girly detail. Cue growing up and some girls still want to have some sort of girly edge that bows can provide. Bows are popping up all over the place lately, whether they are in big statement pieces in the outfits or just small ones. This Fashionista double duties the accessory by having not only a bow around her neck but also around her ankles with her stylish flats.

The key to pulling off this look and not having people mistake you for a 12-year-old is using classic colors. Black and white automatically make an outfit look more sophisticated with their monochromatic hues. Another way to make the bows seem more adult is to make them bigger. The bow around her neck is larger than the one mentioned earlier on your T-shirts when you were younger; this hints that in a way you’ve grown up. The bows are also of a higher quality material. Silks and suedes definitely make an outfit look more sophisticated to people passing by.

Fashion is full of trends and going back to what was fashionable in the past, so it only makes sense that our generation is going back to some of our own beginnings for style influence.

How To: Sometimes shirts with these sorts of details can be a bit pricey, so the best way to achieve this look is to take your favorite scarf and your favorite button-up shirt and tie the scarf under the collar. Now you have a look with pieces you already owned and you can mix and match as much as your heart desires.