All IN THE DETAILS: Layered with Lace and Florals

Happy winter, Fashionistas/os. It’s time to bring out those lovely sweaters, stockings and scarves of yours. What’s the use in complaining about the cold weather? You still have to get up from bed and put on clothes anyway! Why not make it fun? Layering up is a must when the temperature drops to the lowest lows. Take advantage of this opportunity to express the multitude of layers of who you are.

Summer doesn’t feel like it was so long ago. Sometimes, I wonder where all the time went. This Fashionista’s romper is a deep dark blue, like the depressingly cold winter nights that make us shiver endlessly; fortunately, the flowers add a tropical feel with bright and pastel colors that remind us of sunnier, chipper days ahead. What I love about her romper is that it gives good content to work with. This Fashionista’s scarf harmoniously exhibits warmth, and the color is gorgeous with auburn hair, a toasty look. Her sweater adds dynamic to the outfit with its rigidity, an overall fun texture to play around with. The pure white color contrasts with the darkness in the floral romper, giving her a modern day Snow White Princess appeal. This Fashionista keenly mixed and matched the different layers of her outfit with floral-laced stockings. The details beautifully complement one another and her black laced boots are a stylish finishing touch. She is aesthetically layered up for the wintertime.

My favorite part about her floral lace layering is that it’s versatile. Whether you’re sitting in a coffee shop or reading by the fireplace, this is a cozy and charming look for lounging around and enjoying life’s simple pleasures or even a romantic date (save the look for Valentine’s Day)! If you decide to pair this outfit with a sultry makeup look like this Fashionista did; try to spare some hearts!

How To: Pair a floral romper with a warm scarf, white sweater, floral lace stockings and black-laced boots. Make sure the florals and lace are the standouts of the outfit.