I found myself loving this scarf that my friend had thrown on with her outfit. Around campus this time of year, in Michigan, this accessory is popular. It’s something so simple, but its color and texture offer so much to the outfit. It keeps you warm, but also accessorizes your outfit. The scarves that are popular lately are much thicker than your typical scarves. A great thing about these scarves is that you can wear them multiple ways!

This Fashionista showed us how you can wear them three different ways. You can wear it wrapped around your neck once or a couple times, around your back, tucked in your arms and many other ways. I especially love these for school because I’ll wear the scarf on my walk to class and then when I get cold in class, I wrap it around my shoulders. Another great thing about having a thick scarf is you can tuck it around your face and skip the beanie for that day! It’s such a versatile accessory.

How To: Find either a basic chambray shirt or sweater. Any top that’s just one color and simple will do. Next, find a thick and colorful scarf to put over the top. You can pair this with any pair of jeans or pants and some booties. When you wear a big blanket scarf, I recommend you hold off on necklaces or chunky accessories, that way you don’t take away from the details on the scarf. This Fashionista wore some simple earrings and rings with this look.