ALL IN THE DETAILS: "It's the Little Things"

With 2016 off to a fast and powerful start, I am making the New Year’s resolution of stopping to appreciate the little things. Despite hard days, I find peace in recognizing one thing that I am thankful for each day. Whether it be as simple as appreciating the fact that the sun is shining or something more powerful like reconnecting with an old friend, there is always something that I can find to bring a smile to my face.

My style goal for this year is likewise. I have always been one to emphasize on the little details; a pop of color, wearing more rings than my fingers can/should hold and playing with mismatched fabrics and patterns. Details pull an outfit together and give an outfit a fun little spark that it would not have had otherwise.

This Fashionista did just that and absolutely killed the detail game. The gray coat is soft, but offers a bit of a military jacket feel as well because of the details on the shoulder. The beautiful emerald dress offers both a feminine and boho feel, with the details such as the open back, statement floral print and flounce at the bottom. Not to mention this dress also has pockets—what more could you want from a dress?

This Fashionista added a simple and stated black bralette and paired the look with a black suede bucket bag. This bucket bag is so adorable with it’s tassel drawstrings, playing up the boho feel of the look in cohorts with the dress. As for footwear, she threw on her over-the-knee black boots, which are so fun for this look.

How To: Trying to become a little more detail conscientious this year? Try taking a more minimalist outfit and play it up with fun details such as bags, shoes and jewelry.