No matter how simple your outfit may be, a purse can go a long way. A simple black dress and a pair of combat boots are a great go-to look, however, when matched with a printed purse, you can create a whole new style. I mean HOLY COW! Check out this Fashionista’s adorable handbag.

This Fashionista was not the type you would see in a pair of heels, downtown on a Friday night. Her grunge style was best suited for the next concert at the nearest venue. She rocked her uppercut hairstyle and kept her outfit simple wearing only black, brown and a pop of print. But even one staple accessory can catch anyone’s attention. Her purse was a cow print over the shoulder bag and she wore one simple gold bangle around her wrist and that was it. No more was needed as her animal print bag brought just enough attention.

Attention all animal lovers! Animal print can be ethical and stylish with faux fur and leathers which also make them affordable. Nowadays, you can’t even tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, so don’t sweat over missing out on the hottest trends. Overall, save an animal and grab an accessory made from synthetic materials.

How To: Have you been dreaming of that animal print accessory? Whether it’s cheetah print shoes, a leather jacket or even a cow print purse, find an ethical brand and make your next outfit a showstopper! Just make sure to stray away from wearing multiple prints at the same time.