ALL IN THE DETAILS: Holler For The Collar

We’re in that gleeful temperature limbo where you can wear jeans and light sweaters with no coat while being absolutely comfortable. This transitional sweater is the pristine outfit choice for when the seasons turn. If the sun shines and the degrees rise, roll up your sleeves. But if the chills deepen add a collared shirt underneath like this Fashionista. In essence, it’s a sweater that can be used year round and is definitely worth investing in one.

The classic winter sweater colors of winter white, beige, maroon, gray and black dictate the market. However, this Fashionista found a way to avoid the neutral color crew necks. This Fashionista wore a light olive green sweater atop a beaded collared blouse. The statement collar sparked a bright color coordination and a touch of class. She also added a simple gold chain tight around the embellished collar. It’s the perfect way to accessorize yet not constantly hear the jingle of bangles or chunky statement necklaces. She also rocks the Sperry Top-Siders sneakers with a light denim jean. The touch of white and gold in the collar, necklace and shoes livens up the entire outfit, adds texture and makes an eye-catching style even more dramatic.

Fight off the boredom of cold-weather clothes with a light sweater (a looser, breezier type than cashmere knit sweaters) and a statement collar! It’ll spruce an outfit of selvedge jeans and sneakers. Follow this Fashionista’s lead of simplicity and complexity. It really is all in the details!

How To: Afraid to add a chunky necklace? Find the perfect dazzling statement collar and add your favorite sweater atop for a cute and comfortable look!